The Art of Entrepreneurship

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Professional artists are entrepreneurs, and successful entrepreneurs are artists. Many people in these two groups often do not see themselves as such. Nevertheless they are. Entrepreneurs see opportunities in the needs of those around them and are able to use their unique points of view along with their crafted skills, networks and intuition to build something new, something useful and something with the potential for profit. In this way they are the material wayfinders of society.

Artists dedicate themselves to the the constant honing of their crafts and skills. The also see things from unique perspectives and are able to be sensitive and respond to an emotional need in themselves and their community. The most successful artists, the ones who are best able to share their discoveries, insights and points of view embrace their entrepreneurship. In this way they are often the ideological wayfinders of society.

Artists and entrepreneurs share these two distinct characteristics: 1) Perspective – seeing opportunities and points of view that others do not. 2) Cultivation – intentionally developing mastery of their craft and unique skillset. Both artists and entrepreneurs are often scratching their own itch as well as putting themselves out there, willing to be vulnerable.

Now more than ever, the Artist-Entrepreneur holds a very important place in society.

As I sit here typing in record high temperatures, surrounded by scorched vacant lots where homes and businesses used to be, I’m constantly reminded that we as humans are in a bind. Instead of losing hope and wearing this knowledge like a burden, I’m inspired by the ingenuity of our kind.

Now more than ever, the Artist-Entrepreneur holds a very important place in society. The minds of those material and ideological wayfinders who are willing to be vulnerable; who are willing to put themselves out there with courage and curiosity; these minds may very well provide the pathway for the rest of humanity to overcome our current environmental, social and technological challenges.

If this is you, don’t stop, keep charging! Look for your people, those who both support and challenge you. Keep pushing the envelope and questioning the status quo. Feed and take care of your curiosity because the line between hope and curiosity is quite thin.

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Joshua Graner
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