Standing Alone

by Jun 23, 2021Poetry0 comments

I wrote this during a challenging time while I was reflecting on the sheer courage that it sometimes takes to just get up in the morning and to move throughout our day.  Sometimes I feel a massive sense of hopefulness and excitement about my life, my accomplishments, and my purpose.  Other times it just feels as if I’m struggling to keep my head above water.  These words came to me at just the right time and helped me to connect with that powerful energy of courage that we all have.

Standing Alone

Courage is standing alone

Beating back the shadows
That threatens to tear you apart

And once you find another
In that dangerous fog
Courage is to stand together
Backs touching
Fighting the chaos together
Until you find another and then one more

Courage is to band together
A white-hot glowing ember
Radiating into the darkness
A heart of light, of warmth

Beckoning others to come
To find solace and safety
Some comfort in the blackness of night
From which we all came
And to which we shall return