Resilience and Wellness Programs for Organizations

A comprehensive program to help you and your organization thrive during challenging times.

01 – The Problem

The business environment is more complex now than ever before.  Every organization is experiencing a huge amount of stress which is negatively impacting innovation, productivity and the quality of life of employees.  This stress is forcing many people to abandon their jobs due to illness or burnout.

02 – Other Programs

1) Aren’t customized for each organization.

2) Don’t use in-depth analysis to determine the causes of burnout.

3) Put more burden on the leadership to roll out changes.

4) Don’t provide ongoing support for as long as the organization needs it.



03 – Our Solution

1) Completely tailored to meet the needs of your organization.

2) Built upon the most cutting-edge, evidence-based health and performance psychology research and practices.

3) Offers in-depth analytics to pinpoint the organization’s primary causes and contributors to burnout.

4) Provides ongoing support for as long as the organization needs it.

We Help Your Company Safeguard Your

3 Keys Assets




How It Works

The flow-based methodology we use has been taught to 250,000+ students

If you do the work, you’ll get the results

4 main elements of the program include

Comprehensive Intake And Assessment

A comprehensive interview where we get very clear about your company’s needs, goals and challenges. We use quantitative assessments and advanced data analytics to pinpoint the main causes of stress in your organization.

Strategy And Action Planning

Once we’re clear about the causes and contributors to your organization’s burnout, we then work closely with your leadership to create a comprehensive resilience strategy.

Strategy And Action Planning

Once we’re clear on what you need, then we’ll discuss the specifics of how to get there. We will co-create a strategy that will challenge you enough to grow but will not cause you to overreach. This balance is crucial for peak performance.

Prioritize and Execute

After we have identified your highest leverage changes and actions, we help you to prioritize and execute the actions that will have the fastest and most beneficial effects.

Resilience and Performance Coaching For Your Leadership

A resilient organization is built by resilient leaders.  We provide ongoing coaching and support to your leadership for as long as they need it. 

Intimate Top-Level Coaching

Weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly one-on-one coaching to provide the connection, accountability, reflections, and support you need to achieve your goals.

Most programs vary between 8-16 weeks in duration depending on your need and availability.  After the program, I’m available for continued support by hourly fee or on retainer.

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