About Me

I began my career as a combat parachute medic in the 82nd Airborne Division of the US Army where I learned about the importance of teamwork, good leadership and having a meaningful mission. 

After the events of Sept 11th, I was tasked to help develop the pre and post-deployment readiness programs for the Nevada Army National Guard.  My job was to prepare our young recruits for war and then help them rejoin their families and communities when they returned. 

I spent another 15 years as a clinician helping people who were struggling with trauma, chronic pain and opioid addiction find a sense of purpose, meaning and the strength to heal and recover.

During my career I’ve seen a lot of suffering but I’ve also witnessed amazing levels of resilience and hope by those who learned to thrive through their challenges. This resilience is what has continued to inspire me in my work today.

Now I help business leaders and professionals build resilience for themselves and their organizations so they can thrive during stressful and challenging times. 

For my individual clients I take a whole-life and whole-body approach to help them assess and address the places in their life and health that will help them fully recover from stress and burnout so they can transform personal and professional challenges into strength and agility.

For organizations, I use robust quantitative and qualitative assessments to determine an organization’s Stress Immune System.  I use that data to co-create a resilience strategy with the leadership with ultimate goal of helping you and your teams become antifragile and ready for anything.


I have a passion for helping the world’s most innovative people and organizations thrive during stress

My Mission

I support entrepreneurs and innovators who are solving the world’s most challenging social, environmental and technological problems.

I believe we’re in a time of massive change on all fronts, and the need for leaders and innovators is more crucial than ever before.  I want to help those who are best positioned and capable of creating the positive changes we need, one idea and one venture at a time.

Entrepreneurs are unique in the magnitude of their vision, innovation, risk and responsibility.  As a result, many of the people who are making the most impactful contributions are also struggling with overwhelm, burnout and fatigue.

I use a combination of cutting-edge peak performance and functional medicine coaching to help my clients achieve their most ambitious professional goals while optimizing their health and quality of life at the same time.

I Have a Dream

I imagine clean and pristine lakes, streams, rivers and oceans teeming with life. I imagine clear blue skies free from the smoke and pollution created by obsolete energy solutions.

I imagine our roadways filled with safe, clean and efficient vehicles, and our homes and businesses running on completely renewable energy.

I imagine teams of healthy and inspired engineers, programmers, executives and workers all pushing the edges of what’s possible by accessing states of deep flow, creativity, and connection.

I imagine being part of a movement of compassionate knowledge workers and teachers who are helping people to find their deepest core of inner strength, love and compassion through facing their challenges head on.